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Welcome to the VI.B.E. Living! 

Mid-life can be one of the best times of your life.  It is an opportunity for self-discovery, a re-awakening of your vibrancy, and a renewal of self-love.  Mid-life is really a time to DO YOU, in a way that only YOU can.  

My name is Lynnis Woods-Mullins, and I am a Certified Holistic Living and Wellness Expert for Women over 40.  I am also a Publisher, Author, Speaker, and Wellness Coach.  I started an online wellness business for Women over 40,  at the age of 51.  I started a business at a time when most Women start thinking about making a change in their lives.  For me I chose to make a significant change, and walked away from Corporate America to forge my own path.  I created my company PraiseWorks Health and Wellness and created the brands Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond and V.I.B.E. Living.  Check my story out below 


I created this store to give Mid-life Women a boost when it comes to their everyday lives.  All of the products in this store have something to do with enhancing your mind,body and spirit in mid-life.   They are affordable, fun, and hopefully will speak to the holistic and well side of your personality. 

Enjoy, browse and buy!  

Health and Blessings

Lynnis Woods-Mullins